Do you have a creative business idea but haven't quite found the focus to bring it to fruition?

Are you ready to fast-track your success while honoring how your unique brain works?

Are you an Entrepreneur with ADHD?

Let Momentum Meetings bring your dreams to LIFE!

What are 

Momentum Meetings?

Momentum Meetings are short-term intensive individual coaching and support sessions that help you get your compelling product or service ready for your ideal clients or customers.

Unlike typical ADHD Coaching which focuses on planning and mindset in 30-60 minutes, Momentum Meetings last for a minimum of 2 hours where you get your own work done using the Momentum System.

All Momentum services are provided by Coach and Educator, Roxanne Jarrett.

Momentum Meetings may be for you if:

Momentum Meetings may not be for you if:

  • you have a clear idea of what your project is and are passionate about bringing your ideas to fruition, even if you don't have a completed business plan

  • you have a strong understanding of the unique way that your brain works and are ready to play to your strengths as well as embrace your glorious challenges 

  • you are able to commit to 2-hour weekly sessions and 3 or more hours of independent work during your Momentum contract

  • you are confident that you have something valuable to contribute and are ready to receive guidance and support to bring your compelling product or service to life

  • you are not yet clear on what your business is, or whom you'd like to serve

  • you haven't fully defined your passion project

  • you are still in the process of gathering basic information about ADHD and how it manifests itself within you

  • you aren't currently available to devote 2 hours per week to a session, and 3 or more hours to your project between meetings

  • you know you have a great idea, but realize that now is not an optimal time to fully invest in developing your offering

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Momentum Meetings 

right for me?

Coach Roxanne

Let's Explore.

Erica Ginsberg

"I had been developing a party game on and off for nine years and not making much progress on my own. I don't think I would have made as much progress without [Roxanne's] stellar work. If you are stuck, you can't find a better coach to keep you positive and accountable."

Bayard Catron

“Roxanne has a deep understanding of what is required to motivate and inspire creative individuals and groups. She breaks down the tasks into achievable chunks and boosts creative confidence and productivity. I would strongly encourage anyone to work with Roxanne-- I recommend her services whole-heartedly and without reservation."

Sonya Starnes

"Roxanne was great. She was really supportive, very organized and prepared for all our sessions. She really had great ideas for helping [me] move along."

Will Jipson

"Between work and home life, I could never find the time or motivation to do the things I love...working on creative projects. Roxanne helped me break down my project into manageable goals-- and gave me deadlines to force me off my butt! Sometimes creative types need that little push...and even if not, having someone to help manage their time and goals lets them focus on what's important-- their creativity."



The Momentum System will help you to:

  • Complete a business passion project with dedicated help

  • Create a crystal clear roadmap to your goals' finish line

  • Reach milestones in weeks instead of years

  • Prioritize tasks and overcome distractions without getting overwhelmed

  • Implement unique solutions to maintain your success

As a Momentum client, you will receive:

  • 1-on-1 guidance with planning, organizing and completion of projects

  • Assistance with administrative and/or personal duties 

  • Momentum Calls - weekday telephone outreach for daily planning or task setup

  • Weekly summaries of your accomplishments

  • Generous email, text, Amazon Alexa or Marco Polo app message support

  • Online and printable tools to keep you organized



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