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Your mind works differently. It’s time to start workingwith it-- not against it. (6).png
If you're a woman who's living (and giving) with ADHD and you're ready to become the Mover, Shaker, or Creator you're meant to be, then welcome home!

I'm Coach Roxanne, and this site will help you take the delicious ideas that are swirling around in your mind and bring them into the world -- while preventing you from burning yourself out.

Learn how to clear obstacles, manage time, increase focus, and lower anxiety so you can reach your greatest goals. 
Whether you want to finish a specific project or simply clear your to-do list, the first step to achieving your next goal is learning how to plan purposeful days while avoiding burnout.. I'll show you exactly how during our LIVE workshop. This isn't a pre-recorded webinar. Get personalized assistance with me LIVE.  
Young Female Artist

I know the struggle is real.
I’ve been there.

I've also suffered the frustration and shame of not finishing my creative, business, or personal projects-- even when I was motivated by passion or following a great program! 

Through trial, error, and hard work I developed techniques that will help you focus and finish your goals while reducing stress. ​

​As someone who's overcome enormous productivity challenges, I'd like to remind you that success is within your grasp.

You already have the will to go toward it.

You just need the skills to move through it.

I'm here to help.

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