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The Midwife for ADHD Movers, Shakers, & Creators

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Hi! I’m Roxanne! I’m passionately dedicated to getting you the tools you need to become the Superstar Mover, Shaker, or Creator you’re meant to be.


From almost failing out of college because of undiagnosed ADHD, to graduating on the Dean’s List, to becoming an arts educator and 5-Star course creator, I‘ve been on a long journey of inventing tools to help compassionate creators like you find success. 


I’d like to show you tried-and-true techniques so you can create ease and space in your life to give birth to the creative project of your dreams, or simply explore your options. My job is to keep you on track so you can confidently move forward in a way that satisfies your heart. 

Our Mission

To help committed creators focus & finish their content so they can profit

without burnout. 

As Featured In

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