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What's Day by Daydream?

Day by Daydream is a live, hands-on workshop that shows passionate ADHDers (diagnosed or not) how to plan purposeful, restorative days in real time.



How It Works:

  • Show up to our private Zoom room on February 28th at 2pm Eastern (New York) Time

  • Get your fillable PDF workbook ready

  • Learn the crucial components of designing your day to avoid burnout

  • Design your next ADHD-friendly day in real time

  • Ask questions if you're stuck

  • Get clarification on-the-spot if you need it

  • Securing accountability support if needed

  • Implement your sample day, knowing you have the skills and knowledge to do it over and over again

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What makes this workshop different? Day by Daydream is different because you're taken step-by-step through all processes in real time with someone who truly understands ADHD traits. You'll receive an expertly-designed fillable-PDF workbook (also printable) to streamline your learning.


2. What if I'm not officially diagnosed with ADHD? If you suspect that you're living with ADHD, and you have any of these traits: difficulty focusing or prioritizing, issues with distraction, motivation, organization, anxiety/overwhelm, getting started, or following through, you will benefit greatly from Day by Daydream, even if you were not officially diagnosed.


3. How long is the workshop? Budget about 2 hours for the workshop, to allow time for questions.


4. When does this deal expire? This deal expires on February 26th, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time, or until all spaces are filled-- whichever comes first. 


5. What if I miss the session? No worries! Replays will be available.


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