Get Real About Time Course for ADHD Entrepreneurs

Do you start out strong with yet another business course only to end up overwhelmed and discouraged ?


Or work down to the last possible moment to finish your blog posts, videos, graphics, or other content only to end up exhausted and stressed ?

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Are you secretly afraid that you're gonna be in the same place next year:

Scrambling to make a profit, sacrificing self-care, and falling short-- again ?

It's terrifying.

'Cause you're super-passionate about what you have to offer.

But you're gonna run out of steam if you don't find a solution--soon.

Luckily, there’s a groundbreaking remedy you can use right now.

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Roxanne Jarrett, ADHD Coach | Course Creator

Get Real About Time Management is the first online course designed specifically for your ADHD entrepreneurial brain.

I’ll teach you the formulas that skyrocket productivity for me and my private clients. Using audio-visual learning and real-time exercises, you'll practice these powerful techniques while getting your own work done.


Just imagine how it will feel to launch your next offering with more joy and less stress.

Get Real About Time Management can get you there.

Hear what course students have to say:
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" Really useful, really practical methods you can put into action immediately "

I've read a tonne of ADHD & productivity advice and my biggest worry about investing in this course was that it just wouldn't be anything I hadn't heard before. That was not the case. Roxanne was really engaged throughout the course, checked in with us a lot, and made sure we had all the info and support we needed. Her use of real-time exercises (instead of homework) was probably the biggest help in getting through the content. I would strongly recommend this course if you have ADHD and do work that requires you to structure your own time.

—  McKinley Valentine, Writer/Editor, The Whippet

This course is for you if
  • You're an entrepreneur with ADHD who's motivated by your passions

  • You're constantly working, but can't seem to follow through on your goals

  • You're trying to complete a program but keep getting overwhelmed and stuck

  • You're tired of pulling all-nighters to reach your deadlines

  • You're anxious to start earning money and it feels like you're running out of time

  • You're looking for real, lasting solutions that you can use right away


  • You're a visual, hands-on learner who prefers step-by-step guidance

What's Inside ?
Engaging Lessons

Each lesson is carefully crafted into small, digestible pieces with animations and interactive exercises. Great for visual and hands-on learners. Released on a dripped schedule with an expiration date so you can pace yourself AND stay accountable.

Supportive Materials

All of the course's worksheets are streamline-designed for ease of use.

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The Essential Formula

I'll share my life-changing formula for planning and executing content so you can finish your charted course and fulfill your potential.

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The PACE System 

I'll teach you how to create a customized goal plan that honors your ADHD traits so you can work smarter, not harder. 

Spectacular Bonuses 
  • Live Accountability Sessions with Q & A Breakouts - meet your peers, catch up on work, and ask your burning questions!

  • Finally Finish! A roadmap workbook that'll put you in a golden position to knock your project out the park once the course opens. Unlock this bonus as soon as you sign up. 

  • Free 90-minute Focused one-on-one video work session with a trained host: $32 value.

Become A Time Management Hero
Still Curious?

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn time management if I don’t have enough time to begin with?

I hear ya. That’s why this course is designed differently. Once you get to the second learning module, you’ll get your own work done for your business while putting the Essential Formula and PACE systems into practice.

Self-paced courses don’t usually work for me. What makes this one different?

This course is different because although it’s self-paced, it is also highly interactive. You won’t be left to complete worksheets on your own. The exercises happen in real-time while you watch the videos, with expert guidance and encouragement. The lessons are released on a dripped schedule so you don’t get overwhelmed. Plus you get bonus live sessions where you can catch up on tasks, get accountability from your peers, and ask your burning questions. Full of animation, humor, and actionable steps that you can use right now, this course is specially designed for your glorious ADHD brain!

How many bonus live sessions will there be?

There are live accountability group sessions every 2 weeks, alternating between 1 pm and 6 pm Eastern Standard time. An updated live session schedule can be found on the course platform.

Is the free 90-minute one-on-one video work session with a trained host live? Is it with Roxanne?

The free session is live, but not with Roxanne. After you choose an available time slot, you’ll be matched with a trained host who’ll guide you through a 90-minute work session.

What happens if I miss the live session? Will there be a replay?

The live sessions are for course students to meet, ask questions, and get support to catch up on tasks in real time. Though they won’t be recorded, you can check the FAQ section in the course platform for updated questions and answers. While you’re there, you can review the live session schedule so you can attend the next event!

Why don’t I have lifetime access to the course after I buy it?

When you have ADHD, it’s very common to buy courses, then procrastinate when it’s time to get started. That’s why you’ll have 60 days to learn the systems, which is plenty of time to gather the skills and put them into practice using your current project. Many have completed the lessons in as little as 2 weeks.